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 I am so happy you chose to read more!!


I wanted to name the section 'Perfectly Imperfect' but was worried I might scare you away. Because... I truly am 'perfectly imperfect' in most aspects of my life so it only makes sense that my creations are too...but in the best way!

Each one of my pretzels is weighed and then hand rolled. While I can guarantee they weigh the same, I cannot guarantee they will all look the same. No matter how hard I try, once they go into their 'bath' the pretzels tend to morph into its own uniqueness creating a slight variation in shapes. I simply embrace it and hope you can too. And yes, I tend to do the same when cutting the scones... it's simply a 'me' thing but know I do strive for uniformity, it just does not always play out that way :)))


Now you are probably wondering why I believe my creations are unique and why I get so excited to share them with you! The definition from, especially the "quality of being unusual" is spot on....


[ yoo-neek-nis ]

As I mentioned, I did a lot of research to learn about baking with sourdough and started with the basic sourdough bread. I'm still not sure what possessed me to make a pretzel, especially a cheddar jalapeño one as I'm not a big spicy fan, but boy am I happy I did!  My creations are unique and unusual for a couple of reasons. #1 - I am having a blast creating all sorts of flavors and perfecting the combinations! 

#2 - I do not simply top my pretzels with my creations (I noticed this is how most do it), but I mix them INTO the dough in specific amounts producing the most flavorful experience while retaining the correct texture (that's the tricky part!). This process sounds like a no brainier to me, however I've yet to find my combinations or technique in print. Pretty cool, right?!

So there you have it... a little deeper dive into my story and how my creations came to be.  I could seriously go on about each one, for example, growing up my dad owned a pizza restaurant, Wish's, and my favorite thing to snack on was a dinner roll with a little mayo, pickles and pepperoni! so of course I had to create a pretzel. Perhaps a blog will be an appropriate spot to have some fun!

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