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 Let me customize your

Birthday Sourdough Pretzels!

Due to the increased cost of 
ingredients updated prices will be given when orders are placed.
Thank you for understanding

I LOVE making Celebration Boxes!

My Celebration Boxes are fully customizable and perfect for so many occasions:

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Thank You

  • Welcome New Neighbors

  • I Love You

and of course - Just Because!


Gift Certificate are always available!

We all have that special someone we can spoil with a little bit of indulgence - give the gift of an order of their choice 

*** All of my pretzels and scones are made to order fresh in the morning.

*** If you have had my pretzels you know that I flavor my pretzel dough with ingredients as    well as top them and making full batches (9-11 pretzels) is necessary with certain flavors. They simply come out better! You will notice I have added a minimum purchase           requirement to a few flavors, however, when I am making multiple orders on the same         day I have more flexibility and can absolutely offer a mix!

*** I LOVE making custom orders avoiding many allergens so please let me know if there is something special I can customize for you! The celebration boxes are also unique and fun     and offer a gift that is fully customizable.

***GIFT CERTIFICATES now available!! 

Full Disclosure on Sales Tax
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According to State of CT:
Tax only needs to be collected on 5 items or fewer
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