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Playful Baking


 Let me customize your

Birthday Sourdough Pretzels!


I LOVE making Celebration Boxes!

My Celebration Boxes are fully customizable and perfect for so many occasions:

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Thank You

  • Welcome New Neighbors

  • I Love You

and of course - Just Because!

Due to the increased cost of 
ingredients updated prices will be given when orders are placed.
Thank you for understanding

Gift Certificate are always available!

We all have that special someone we can spoil with a little bit of indulgence - give the gift of an order of their choice 

*** All of my pretzels and scones are made to order fresh in the morning.

*** If you have had my pretzels you know that I flavor my pretzel dough with ingredients as            well as top them and making full batches (9-11 pretzels) is necessary with certain flavors.        They simply come out better! You will notice I have added a minimum purchase                        requirement to a few flavors, however, when I am making multiple orders on the same            day I have more flexibility and can absolutely offer a mix!

*** I LOVE making custom orders avoiding many allergens so please let me know if there is            something special I can customize for you! The celebration boxes are also unique and fun       and offer a gift that is fully customizable.

***GIFT CERTIFICATES now available!! 

Full Disclosure on Sales Tax
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According to State of CT:
Tax only needs to be collected on 5 items or fewer
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