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How it all began...

Thank you for choosing to indulge on my ‘twisted and delicious’ sourdough creations! My name is Lori and I would like to share a bit of an interesting story of how my sourdough creations came to be.


From a very young age I have had a love and passion for cooking, baking, and creating recipes of my own. I've been told I have a talent for creating ‘glop’ meals (as my mother-in-law used to say) meaning you think you have nothing to make so you take whatever you do have, get creative, and end up with a dish that's tasty!


Now let’s jump forward some forty plus years and to the current pandemic. Sadly, over the past few months, I have lost many acquaintances to Covid-19 - a horrible, non-discriminatory, and tragic infection with no cure to date. Back in March of 2020 when the recommendation to stay put began to surface, I became a tad fearful to catch it and found myself housebound. With time on my hands I began perusing local Facebook groups consisting of South Windsor residents gifting and giving away various items for free and there was one particular item that caught my eye! There was a young lady offering portions of her sourdough starter before she put it ‘to sleep’.... gads, to sleep? To be truthful I’d never delved into the world of baking with sourdough before and I was intrigued, excited, and accepted her gift with a mission to keep it alive. Could my fascination be due to the nurturer in me? Is this to be my ‘baby or my new friend’? You bet it is!

In addition to the 'feeding' instructions I began scouring the internet to learn every possible tidbit about keeping my new found friend alive and well. Happily home sitting on my counter, Betty, bubbling Betty that is, is thriving and smells so yummy! I have made a plethora of recipes starting with basic sourdough breads, to upping my game to multigrain breads, banana and blueberry and cranberry walnut breads, cookies (key lime cookies!), pizza dough… oh the list goes on. My LOVE and passion for baking with sourdough is on fire. Most notably, PRETZELS and SCONES (I had never made a scone before in my life)!


I have also created from scratch Weezie, a gluten free sourdough starter which is also thriving and happy. I have worked very diligently to create delicious gluten free (with dairy and dairy free) and vegan pretzels and and scones. It is a long process and takes many tries but it is truly fun... and now it’s time to share them with you!

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