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Welcome to twisted and delicious creations!

I promise you may not find another baker as excited as I am to be here!  
My journey is extremely surreal and I pinch myself that I have found tasty treats that I LOVE to create and bake and am thrilled to share them all with you.

Each of my sourdough creation recipes is unique, creative, and fun! I craft each recipe and taste and share with as many as I can and tweak and share again and (I think you get the picture!) until I find the perfect measurements and combinations of ingredients ultimately delivering to you my best of the best. If you have any questions, requests, or ideas for a new recipe please email me and I look forward to baking for you!


I hope you enjoy each and every bite... each one always homemade with  

Born the Spring of 2020,  I am happy to proudly introduce you to

Betty and my creations!

The Magic
Say hello to my little friend...

This is where the magic begins! Above is a picture of my sourdough starter, I named her Betty, in full bloom and ready for use. If you are not familiar with baking with sourdough, I've included a link to King Arthur Flour to learn more.  I feed her every day and use both active Betty and the discard in my recipes.  The process is truly fascinating and seeing the bubbles every day makes my heart happy!

  'twisted and delicious creations'
are one 
of a kind!

Well at least I strive for them to be!! Each and every one of my creations recipes are created from scratch. I will spend hours in the stores looking for unique products that I can incorporate into my scones and pretzels. I flavor the dough as well as garnish my pretzels with tasty ingredients and spices and love surprising everyone with some crazy combinations!  

Gluten Free Butterscotch Maple Pecan Sco
Gluten Free
Yes - I said
Gluten Free!

At the request of a friend, I set out on a journey to make GF products that actually taste really, really good.

I created a GF sourdough starter from scratch and she, Weezie, has developed beyond my wildest dreams!

I have to admit even more than the GF pretzels I love making the GF and GF/DF scones! It's been absolute fun to see someone who can eat gluten be told they're eating GF - and they don't believe me!  


A Sample of 
Sourdough Pretzels and Scones
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